Inside P.J. Tucker’s Shoe Collection Featuring 5,000 Styles With $250,000 Custom Diamond-Encrusted Sneakers

P.J. Tucker is one of the most fashionable basketball players in the league, so it’s no surprise his shoe collection is one to envy. The NBA star has a unique and versatile shoe style sense that he continues to display on and off the court. Tucker’s impeccable taste has led him to collaborate with notable brands like Giuseppe Zanotti and Ovadia & Sons.

Tucker’s outfit choices and aesthetic are just the tip of the iceberg. The Philadelphia 76ers basketball player is known for being an undisputed sneaker king, thanks to his vast shoe collection that includes thousands of highly coveted silhouettes. The longtime NBA veteran has arguably one of the most legendary collections. Tucker even goes as far as switching up his footwear during basketball games with various styles like the Nike Kobe 4 Protros, Nike Zoom Kobe 6s, Nike Hyperdunks, Off-White Air Jordan 4s, Air Jordan 5s, and Travis Scott’s Jordan Brand Cactus Jacks. He also enjoys scouting for rare models, even finding a pair of Kevin Durant’s signature shoes in a coveted colorway that the Phoenix Suns player doesn’t own himself.

To further show his love and appreciation for sneakers, Tucker opened a sneaker store called The Better Generation in October 2020. The shop offers a variety of silhouettes for both men and women like fresh Nike Air Force 1’s, Air Jordan 1’s, Converse’s, New Balance, Nike Air Max’s, Puma sneakers and Huaraches. The store also offers an assortment of apparel and accessories including hoodies, sweatpants, hats, socks and bags.


Everything You Need To Know About P.J. Tucker’s Impressive Sneaker Collection

How Did P.J. Tucker Develop His Love For Sneakers? 

Tucker’s love for sneakers developed when he played basketball as a kid. He would purchase a pair a year and always had dreams of having several shoes.

What is P.J. Tucker’s Shoe Collection Total?

The basketball star owns about 5,000 pairs total, which he stores in a loft and his cozy billions room at home.

P.J. Tucker

Houston Rockets baller P.J. Tucker, shot exclusively for FN.

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How Many Sneakers Has P.J. Tucker Worn During A Basketball Game?

Tucker has debuted numerous pairs of sneakers during basketball games. He revealed that he’s worn up to six different styles during one game. Within a series of 18 games, Tucker has broken out a grand total of 37 pairs of shoes. He even carries a travel-shoe bag designed for an entire team as it can store up to 16 pairs of sneakers.

How Much Money Has P.J. Tucker Spent On A Pair Of Sneakers?

Tucker spent $36,000 on the Nike Air Mag Back To The Future Sneakers.

What is P.J. Tucker’s Shoe Size?

The athlete is a size 14 in sneakers.

Inside P.J. Tucker’s Shoe Closet

It doesn’t matter if a shoe is last season or not, Tucker has worn everything from player exclusives to vintage Nike LeBron models and even wore a rare pair of Eminem Jordan 4’s on-court, a shoe worth more than $27,000 per pair. Whether it’s a pair of Oregon Ducks or the latest Nike Signature shoe. The Sixers guard has also sported a pair $50,000 Nike Mag’s prior to Game 2 of the NBA finals in 2021.

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What is P.J. Tucker’s Most Expensive Pair of Shoes?

P.J. Tucker has an iconic selection of sneakers, so it’s no surprise that he would splurge on a customized pair. While appearing on YouTube podcast “Full Court Fits,” Dominic Ciambrone, known as the “Shoe Surgeon” spoke about the special styles that he created and designed for NBA athletes. He later revealed that he collaborated with P.J. Tucker on a pair of diamond-encrusted Air Jordan 1’s, which are reportedly worth $250,000.

“I was working on just a golden diamond concept for a while,” Ciambrone said in the interview. “For me, it wasn’t just putting glitz and glam on a shoe. I don’t want to just put golden diamonds on a shoe and be like, ‘Here’s the shoe.’ I think it needs to be done in an aesthetic way that’s tasteful, yet it also has multiple functions.”

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How Much Is P.J. Tucker’s Sneaker Selection Worth?

According to Fanduel, Tucker debuted a selection of footwear worth an estimated value of $145,000.

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